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  • RATING: Rating: 8.00
  • DATE: 2014/3/25 3:13
  • POSTER: Anonymous
    The camera will do more in terms of bnsthgreis and contrast when taking the shot originally in black and white vs. a computer program because the camera possibly choose the right ISO, exposure,etc depending on the setting by photographer and his/her preference of choice when shooting. If the photographer originally chooses black and white/and or color, even when switching switch on the camera, then the viewer will be impressed because the photo is unaltered for the photo. It is true that we are finally saved time due technology and flicking a switch; however, choosing color or black and white ultimately depends on photographer, situation(possibly light, dark, fast motion, still etc.), and setting. For example, picture 18, all the people are wearing different color coats; however, in black and white, it does not stand out, but in color it is amazing photo. Next example, picture 10, looks much better in black and white because there is not much color or anything, so it stands out much better in black and white then color photo, but if this photo was taken that day in black and white, would there be a be huge difference vs. a computer altered picture later? I am unsure. But if it was the photographer's intention for the first shot in color or black and white, then we, the viewer, would have no clue whether photo was altered or not and accept the photo for as is.