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  • RATING: Rating: 6.00
  • DATE: 2014/3/25 2:22
  • POSTER: Anonymous
    Hello Stephen I've been wanting to come back to the 180 in my life I initlaliy wrote of. I'm aware of your perspective, but it certainly felt like a 180. When you spoke of how suddenly I embraced my true self that's the 180 I speak of, it's taken a few years for that reverb to settle. I took a new job, found my true self, began getting out of a 13 year relationship that wasn't right , began writing a story that has infused my life with such riches I can hardly imagine it's possible, then as I went on my merry way doing the best I could (here's where I'd agree with your belief in psychosis and taking things too seriously) I began to learn even more (or truthfully become aware) of that true self in things I could do, just do: feel others, know things about them, know things that I never learned, write as if my pen or fingers are guided, see an angel in the sky Anyway, that's part of the problem with words, they mean different things to you than they do me, often when I write it's to describe a feeling and not literal, but then often when I read others I take it literally too, as in literally what I would mean if writing it. (I hope that makes sense!) Be well!