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Kagaku Shoin, Inc.
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For Our Readers

To make the definite decision our new publishing system for our company's future, we classify and integrate our academic materals accumulated for long years, and want to bring forward the following policies.
(I) New Publications including Microfilms and DVD

(1) Collection, Arrangement, Classification, Analysis, Integration and Systematization of the Investigations Accumulated at All Fields from Old Ages in the World
In These Days, we are requested to reorganize previous methodology. For Creation of new future, we decided to collect, arrange, classify, analyze, integrate and systematize the investigations accumulated at all fields from old ages in the world people is usually required. And, we classified them into six fields as following ones.

Literatures relating to Bibliography and Library ScienceDatabases at All Academic FieldsNatural History and Phytology as Synthetic SciencesThe Investigations Accumulated at All Fields from Old Ages in the WorldMaps, Pictures and Topographical Maps; Geography and Cartography in the WorldCollected Historical Materials in the World including Japan

(2) The Importance of Bibliography
To attain our purpose, we are demanded to be enriched the method of analysis. In the other words, we are asked to take a bird's-eye view the whole phase, to collect, arrange, classify, analyze, integrate and systematize the investigations accumulated at all fields from old ages in the world, usually. For that reason, we take into consideration to read the fundamental literatures of bibliography, at first, offer the these academic materials.

(3) The Producing of Various Databases as Integrated Intelligence
We decided to produce dictionaries, lexicons, glossaries, encyclopedias, descriptive catalogues and chronological tables in all research spheres. The Producing of Various Databases equal arrangements, classifications, analysis and integrations of accumulated intelligences, reorganisation of academic materials stored from old ages, that is, making of revised and enlarged editions. We are convinced the creating of databases integrated intelligences everybody is essential, conslidate the foundation of plentiful and balanced society. Napoleon BONAPARTE says constructed modern France 'The Basement of the nation depends on the academic materials as integrated intellectual results'. We will lay the foundation for this fundamental policy and remember usually the maxim.

(4) Natural History and Phytology as Synthetic Sciences
We have essential thought the reinvetigation of natural history and phytology as synthetic sciences, bases at all sciences, play important part. The Achievements of precised or modern sciences are nore more than the integrations of accumulated intelligences until now and the arrangements of scientific phenominan. We cannot neglect the anti-scientific factors incorporated into people about natural history and phytology before 18th century, in other words, the role of the examinations on alchemy, astrology and soecery led the development of the human race's intelligence. If we cannot realize 'these thinking hints, lay at the root of rational and scientific thought, it is impossible to recognize the world, systematically.

(5) The Making of Map Materials as the Fundamental Resources
In our company, we published the old maps of Japan, China, Korea, Kuril Islands and Sakhalin produced after Yedo Era, deliberately and systematically. To investigate comparatively between the modern and the past age of vicissitudes on environment, floral zone and the lay of the the land, the maps are very important as the fundamental academic materials. From now, we believe these maps's roles are raised.

(6) The Creating of the Historical Materials to Amalyze and Integrate the History of the Human Race
We can clear the prospect for the future by analysis and generalization. On the ground of this point of view, we decided to grapple with the systrmatization and the subjective analyses of historical phenomena in the world including Japan. We want to offer the examples for you. And, we believe the study of organization and government system on East India Company at Great Britain and South Manchuria Railway Company makes a great contribution to the academia. Besides, the publishing of 'The Collected Historical Materials of Japanese Discriminations' made an analysis of the existence system and the economic life on the lower classes from old age gave rise to public discussion. These studies were ignored for long years. At the last moment, we bring the following golden saying to a finish. 'Scientia Potentia Est' by Francis BACON.

(II) Relating to Purchase and Consulation of Our Academic Materials
Please, make contact with our company through telephone, fax and e-mail.

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To order or research our academic materials, please, utilize the following companies.
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